Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation, also called breast implants or mammoplasty, is one of the most commonly requested surgical procedures. It is commonly used to give more fullness and a slight lift to the breasts. There are multiple ways to perform this procedure. However, some methods are safer than others and Dr. Bindewald can help clarify which procedure may be the best for you. For breast enlargement, FDA-approved saline or silicone gel implants are used.

There are different types of breast implants used to enlarge breasts. Dr. Bindewald can help you decide which options work best for your particular type of body and what to expect with each type in a one-on-one plastic surgery consultation.

Breast augmentation surgery typically lasts around 2 hours. Dr. Bindewald’s goal is to achieve a natural, attractive look, though will have a thorough discussion with you as to your goals as well. He will discuss size and shape and give recommendations for each individual to help achieve the best possible cosmetic outcome.

With regards to recovery time, all patients heal differently, and this can change your specific recovery time. On average, most patients make a full recovery in about six weeks. Many people report feeling well within days of their surgery, but it is important not to do too much too quickly in the recovery period as this can negatively affect your cosmetic outcome and overall healing time.  Dr. Bindewald utilizes many techniques to reduce post-operative pain and enhance the recovery period. Ultimately, he wants you to have the best possible recovery and aesthetic outcome.

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